Friday, February 11, 2011

ICU photo

I decided to remove the latest photo of Tom, from my blog. It was disturbing my brother-in-law, and probably a few others. He is going through I great deal of emotional pain, as are all of us. I don't want to do anything to exacerbate that.

My reason for posting that picture was to let you see what I see every day. What Katie sees. What family sees. Some of you may want to visit - some of you may change your mind after getting a glimpse on my blog. Some of you may be thanking me in your minds, for sparing you the shock.

I love Tom and I love my family and my friends. I wouldn't do anything to intentionally harm you.

I may post it at a later date, before I publish my blog into a keepsake book for Katie. I'm praying the book will have a fairy tale ending.



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