Friday, October 31, 2008

The marrow results are....

...negative! The marrow extraction showed no signs of leukemia nor did a chromosome sample that was tested. Yay Tom!

It's official - Tom is returning to work on Monday, the 3rd and he's very excited. Intercontinental Hotels Group, his employer, has a work-from-home program for people who are temporarily unable to work in the office. Also, the hours are flexible. He can work four hours in the morning and four hours at night or three hours in the afternoon and five hours at night, just whatever, as long as he puts in 40 hours per week. It's great because he can go to his medical visits without inconveniencing anyone.
IHG is such a great place to work!

He had his first conference call on Wednesday with the group that he used to work side-by-side with. Beth, his boss, arranged for a surprise for his co-workers. She didn't tell them he was on the phone until the meeting had begun. They were all happy to hear that he's going to be with them again.

Good news! Tom's transplant doctor told us that it's ok for Tom to go out in public as long as there are a limited number of people in the same area. Last night we went out to eat at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We went early so that the crowd would be small and so that we could choose a somewhat secluded table. About half way through our meal more people began coming in and Tom sort of panicked. He went and sat in his truck while I ate a little more and paid the bill.

Bad news...we can't have a REAL Christmas tree this year. The doctor said it's too risky because it's a large plant, it can carry bacteria, and there is a potential for mold. So I guess we'll have to plunk down $200 for a fake tree. The fake ones really don't look that bad though - some look very real.

Sorry for the delay in my latest blog entry. Just assume everything is ok if I'm not blogging every day.


Richard said...

This is fabulous news, Lisa, Tom and Katie!!! A fake tree seems a reasonable trade off for good health . . . I've always wondered if trees aren't trying to kill us all anyway. (just kidding, I meant our family trees).
Quite incredible to see Tom's progress. Within a year he will hopefully be back to doing everything he was doing before you folks were so rudely interrupted.

wiizii said...

Woo!Hoo! I never thought that the word "negative" would take on such an optimistic and positive meaning for me and my family. This is indeed wonderful news. I know you guys are thrilled with the results. Lisa, our Wal-Mart sells "Mary's Candles" that are smell so good. Just get you some of those that smell like evergreen or pine and you won't miss the real tree. That's interesting info about the tree and the health issues associated with it. That stuff never occurred to me. I'm learning all kinds of things.

Anyway, I am very happy that Tom gets to resume work. Tom, you will enjoy being part of a productive group again. You keep on keepin on. I'm proud of you all for kickin' cancer's butt.

Now, let's hope Georgia can kick Florida's butt tomorrow! Go Dawgs!!!

Love, hugs,

shirley said...

We are so happy to hear the great news!

Shirley & David

Steve said...

Great news Tom. Pround of you. Great work.

Steve ... Remissionman

Steve said...

Happy, happy news. So glad to hear it all. And a fake tree is a small price to pay... ;^)

*Steve M.

Spirit Wood Turner said...

Tom, coming from a guy that knows something about being lucky (fortunate, really), I can say you are one lucky guy!!! You look fantastic, and work will certainly help. Hey, we've used a fake tree for years and they are lovely. I'm sure you'll concentrate less on what it's made of and more on what's AROUND it, your living angels. I am so happy for your whole family.

scott said...

Tom, you are looking great and I'm extremely happy to hear about the progress you are making!

Rob and Ginna Mallard said...

Halleiluia!! We are SO thrilled to hear this wonderful news. We have been keeping tabs on ya'll from a distance. RE: the fake tree, get one that's prelit and you'll be ecstatic not to have to put 'em on!! What a huge blessing! Continued thoughts and prayers in your direction!!

Ted said...

NICE! Tom is looking much healthier in the photo as well.