Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2nd marrow biopsy

Tom's platelet count is low, so today he is going to have another marrow extraction to make sure there are no leukemia cells present.


wiizii said...

Lil' brother,
I'll be praying for ya! I know those damn things are painful. I suppose with this leukemia business it's definitely better to be safe than sorry. I've got to have an esophogeal scope done next Tuesday. I keep imagining that my esophegous and stomach are going to look like some kind of bizarre swampland with bubbling, hissing puddles of icky stuff. Granted, my procedure won't hurt like yours, but I'm not looking forward to mine either. I do hope all goes well with you tomorrow and of course, we pray for positive results. Love ya kiddo.

Mbogie5 said...

Good going bro! I am so happy for you! I know you could do it... It is so nice to hear good news and to see the progress!! You lisa have been a real trooper and katie. That is what true love is for someone, even though they may or may not be the easiest to live with! lolo Sorry Brother tom! Love ya anyway!! Keep up the good work!!