Friday, October 10, 2008

Post-pork depression

Tom is doing so well! He is riding his stationary bike approximately 6 miles every other day, he's still eating lots of barbeque, he's glued to the computer, and he's also gaining weight.

As of last weekend he's been bathing by himself - getting himself in and out of the bathtub. Next week he will FINALLY get the three tubes removed from his chest which have been dangling for months. This will allow him the freedom to bathe or shower without having to cover and tape saran wrap all over his chest, or carefully spongebathe from the waist up. Trust me.....this is a big deal. It has been a huge inconvenience. There have been no quick showers for many months....actually, no showers period.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary last Sunday (Oct 5th). We continued to eat a delicious huge pork barbeque that a friend of ours made and surprised us with the Friday evening before. The pork lasted all weekend for lunch and dinner, as well as every lunch for Tom throughout the following week. He talked about it and looked forward to it every day. He looked like he'd lost his best friend after he had finished off the last round. He's suffering from post-pork depression.


Spirit Wood Turner said...

What'd I tell you?! BBQ is a miracle food-delicious, charred, filled with fat and protein, basically just what his body is asking for.

Chris bought my this huge 4 foot tall smoker a few Christmases ago, it has 11 racks, and I can smoke about 200 lbs. of various goodies in it at a time. Needless to say, I am VERY popular on my block! The down side is I can never use it in private. I thought last month I'd do some pork shoulder for my gang, and before I got done, half a dozen neighbors were over for a mooch.

Tom and Lisa and Katie, you guys have a standing invite to Colorado for undoubtedly some of the best BBQ you will EVER have. Give me Tom for a month, I'll send him home as Jabba the Hutt.

Troop 22 said...

That is WONDERFUL!!!