Sunday, August 3, 2008

Much better

Tom is doing so much better today! The doctor determined that the reason for his tremors and hallucinations was due to an adverse reaction between two medicines he began taking several days ago. They either stopped both of them or changed one - I don't know.

For some reason the nurses were unable to get Tom's feeding tube in the location it needed to be. They initially inserted it on Friday. Yesterday they took an x-ray and saw that it was curled up inside him. This is a very painful process and it's very disturbing to watch. I'm the only person permitted to be with him, except the medical staff, during this procedure. I can't look at him while it's happening - only hold his hand and try my best to hold back my tears. It's terrible to watch someone you love have to endure so much pain, and not be able to help them in any way.

Anyway, he had to have the tube reinserted THREE different times yesterday. The nurses finally sent him to the radiology department and let them insert it precisely where it needed to be. His throat will probably be sore for a while.

Physical therapy began yesterday. Baby steps....


Jay Jenkins said...

Hi Carters. It is Monday morning and I wanted to say hello. I am glad to hear that Tom is doing a little better. It seems that sometimes the things they give us to make us better end up making us worse, so I'm glad they got to the bottom of the tremors and hallucinations. I sure am thinking about you and can't imagine how difficult all this must be. Keep hanging in there and know that you are all loved.

wiizii said...

Thank goodness Tom is on the upswing. I'm sorry you both had to go through that feeding tube business three times! I'm really glad that things were easily resolved and Tom is charging on with physical therapy. You guys are never far from my thoughts. I love you all.

Chris - 9of 9 said...

Hello ya'll,
I'm happy to see Tom is doing better. He was extremely disturbed and upset, on Saturday, when the nurse came in, twice, to adjust his feeding tube while I sat with him. It really tugs at your heart when asked to leave the room while a loved one is about to go through something no one wants to endure, but you have no choice. I was happy to see that Tom was asleep everytime I came back into the room, to me, that meant he was comfortable and that's all that counted.

Big hugs,