Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still sleeping

Although Tom seems a tad less groggy today, he's still sleeping most of the time and reaching for things that aren't there. When he is awake he falls asleep easily - like right in the middle of a conversation with me. Maybe I'm just boring!

He ate about half a cup of yogurt this morning. He's able to keep it down but it's still very painful for him to swallow. Although he may be hungry, he'd rather not endure the pain of swallowing. It's hard for me to look at his mouth sometimes without getting a gag reflex - blood and pus. Especially when he coughs. I could never be a nurse.

He's shedding! His hair is slowly falling out and his eyebrows are getting thinner. The strange thing is that the bottom tips on his sideburns have turned white. Just the tips. Crazy.

He no longer needs a sitter 24/7. He's supposed to call a nurse if he needs to get up but he doesn't. I'm going to stay with him for about 7 hours today and then go spend some time with Katie. :-)

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