Friday, May 16, 2008

Zzzzz.... pt. 2

Tom is mostly sleeping all day again. A nurse persuaded him to get out of bed and walk a short loop around the nurses' station. He did but got very light-headed and had to return to his room. So, the nurse asked him to sit in a chair for a while before lying in bed again. The nurse said he needs to get up and move every day even if it's just a little, to prevent pneumonia. He was able to sit up for about five minutes.

He's not vomiting anymore but that's probably because he's not eating - only a couple of small spoonsful of ice chips. It's very painful for him to swallow anything, even water or juice. He's lost about 8 lbs since last Friday. The mouth sores haven't improved but I don't think they can get any worse so I guess that's sort of good.

On a positive note, he checked his email a little while ago. He kept dozing off - it was so cute to watch. So don't think he's not reading your emails just because he's not responding. Keep them coming!


Katha said...

Y'all just keep keepin' on up there. Katie is having a blast down here in the "woods" of middle Georgia. I can hear her and my girls laughing and playing hide-and-seek downstairs here in my sister's log cabin. I'm making them wait until after dark to get in the hottub, but there's plenty to do between now and then . . . pool, ping-pong, fishing, Wii . . . and just being kids, which is my personal favorite. I know she misses her Mom and Dad, but we're keeping her busy!

Katha, John, Abby, Livi & Dixie

RemissionMan said...

Hi Tom and Lisa,

Steve Brown here just checking in to remind you that your support team is vast and in full force. Hang tough. Stay focused. Climb the hill in a nice smooth, slow and steady cadence. Let me know if I can do anything.

Steve Brown