Monday, May 19, 2008


Tom is grouchy today. The nurses have repeatedly asked him not to get out of bed unassisted because he's so weak, which he's not doing. He says that they are treating him like a child. It's now to the point that a nurse had him sign a form stating that he can not get out of bed without asking for help (if no one is in his room). This form protects Northside Hospital from being liable should he fall and injure himself. He has to have a sitter 24/7 once again.

When I walked in this morning I was shocked at his appearance. They went ahead and shaved what little remaining hair he had on his head. Also, his eyebrows are gone. He has a rash on his face and back which he has a prescription lotion to help with. He is really red and splochy. His mouth sores are about the same. He's sleeping about 90% of the day.

He's going to be in the hospital for about 5 - 7 days more.

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Chris - 9of 9 said...

Hey Lisa,
I sat with Tom for a little while yesterday afternoon and he was in a pretty good mood, considering. Before I left, I put a couple of ginger ales, with his name on them, in the fridge per his request. I hung out until he dosed off. Let me know if you need anything.