Monday, May 19, 2008


Tom has a virus called C. difficile:

The nurse came in and told me about it, handed me some information to read, and wiped all the surfaces in the room with Clorox. Tom can't have any visitors except me. I have to wear gloves, in addition to my regular medical booties and gown. I'm not allowed to leave the room unless I dispose of all my hospital wear and put on brand new ones outside the door.

Tom is asleep and doesn't yet know.


Jay Jenkins said...

Good morning Lisa - I wanted to check on Tom today. Are they able to treat the virus with some success? Is he feeling any better? How are you and Katie? I was really happy to hear that you were taking some time to spend with her. I am thinking about you all and sending you love. Jay (

Mickey O'Brien said...


Thank you for the update. I continue to keep Tom, yourself and Katie in my thoughts.

Love and positivity to you all,


Carla said...

Thanks for the link.