Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The latest

Dr. DeAngelis, from NY has concluded that she sees nothing wrong in the PET scan images - body and brain. Also, the lumbar puncture she ordered turned out negative for cancer cells (yeah!). Unfortunately, there is nothing she can do. She was very thorough and we are completely satisfied with her service. End of that chapter.

As strange as it sounds, this news was only semi-conforting. Tom was really hoping that something would surface...that something would show the cause of his physical problems (something that could be corrected of course).

So, next on the agenda is getting permission from Tom's army of doctors - neurologist, oncologist, transplant physician - to return to work; his return-to-work date is slated for the end of March. His employers need confirmation from a physican that Tom is ready to work, and understandably so. He is a risk right now because of his instability/immobility. I can see how it would be distracting and unnerving to have him at the office. As usual, they have Tom's best interest in mind. They are good people.

Last week, Tom's body began to feel numb on one side for two days in a row. The feeling last only about a hour, but certainly worried us. He made an appointment to see his neurologist, who has sort of become his primary care physician. The neurologist shuffled around Tom's dosage amounts and times for taking his medicines. So far, so good - he feels much better. Unfortunately, getting back to work may be delayed for a couple more months...we'll see.

This is almost too much for Tom to handle. Every time things seem to be settling back to some level of normalcy and he begins to pick up some speed there seems to be an unexpected speedbump resulting in a flat tire. He is so tired of living in this cage - he wants to resume his 9 - 5 life so badly.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love those "good news/bad news" situations?? I know you are both thrilled with simply surviving but I can understand Tom's frustrations. It's been a while since Tom had one of those numbing incidents so maybe they are coming few and far between, which means they eventually go away for good. I like this idea. Take care and give Mississippi love and hugs all around.
Love yya!