Monday, September 15, 2008

Barbeque brain

It seems that Tom is obsessed with barbeque - eating it, reminiscing about his lunch, discussing it with friends and family, and planning when to eat it next. He eats it for lunch everyday and sometimes for dinner. His craving for barbeque is undeniable. Move over milkshakes.

Tom is still doing ok. He has his good days and his bad. Saturday was good - he was upbeat, riding around with me while I ran errands (staying in the car of course), and talkative. Saturday night as we started eating dinner he began feeling ill and shakey, so unfortunately he wasn't able to enjoy the steak for which he has longed. Sunday he was a bit down and depressed, his extremities aching from some meds.

He has only two visits to the clinic now, Tuesdays and Thursdays, instead of every other day. You don't know how good this feels. A clinic visit is a crimp in a relaxing day at home.



wiizii said...

Yum! Yum! I love BBQ too! I'm glad things are finally settling down a little bit for you two. I'm looking forward to our next visit. Keep a happy face, Tom. Every little thing's gonna be alright.
love ya,

Spirit Wood Turner said...

You know, Lisa, when I met you guys in Philly I was undergoing treatment for Hep C. It was nothing like Tom has gone through, but it is a form of chemo, and it did make me very ill and I lost 30 pounds over the year. mainly because I was too sick to eat.

Can't say if it's for the same reason, but it's hard to tell you just how much I craved BBQ for that entire year! Didn't matter what kind, as long as it was charred meat. I would eat it almost any time, and the funny thing is it didn't upset my stomach. Maybe BBQ is a secret miracle food!

Bottom line: With his Doc's OK of course, I'd give him BBQ 24/7 if that's what he'll eat. It's high in fat (he sure can use it), high in protein (I wonder if that's why it's craved so much) and he obviously likes it anyway! You and Katie may turn into blimps if you follow him down the rabbit/BBQ hole, but you'll have smiles on your faces!

Keep us posted on his imminent weight gain...


Richard said...

This barbeque craving reminds me that when I was in the hospital 4 years ago I had such a strong craving for Kentucky Fried Chicken I just couldn't stand it. The first thing I did when I got well enough was to gorge myself until the craving went away. Funny how medicine can do weird things to your apetite centers, huh?
In some past or future time and space, Tom is a well known telecuisinevangelist.

jadiec said...

I can understand about the BBQ! lol! When Tom is ready to head out, we should do Swallow or Greenstreet's or take-out from either. Tell Tom we got a new infrared grill, and it is fabulous! I'm even pondering an infrared turkey fryer, but of course, that's not a fryer for the purists!

I am so excited to read about Tom's progress! Can't wait until we can all get together and just hang out. And eat. :) Continuing to send strength and healthy prayers your way!!

Love you guys!

Jay Angelucci said...

Hot, mild, or mixed?!!
Tom, I really miss going to Benny's with you and the gang. You know, Benny's is gone now... I have to believe it's because we stopped going.

Take care, you guys.