Thursday, July 10, 2008

Loving the time at home

We are enjoying being able to stay at home every other day. From May 9th through last Saturday Tom was either at the clinic or in the hospital. He didn't have even one full day at home.

He's eating a lot. I haven't cooked much in quite awhile but I'm sure making up for it. He asks for his favorite homemade meals: chili, beef stew, chicken pot pie, pot roast, baked chicken, etc. He wants very hardy meals. I feel like I'm cooking for a lumberjack. It's difficult for me to stay committed to eating a bowl of cereal when Tom's eating biscuits and gravy or pancakes but I do.

He's doing leg stretches, using a resistance band. He wobbles out to the mailbox. He gets up and down the stairs a little easier now. He does get exhausted easily and his knees buckle. He wants to drive but the doctor says no. He's not ready. His feet are numb for goodness sake!

We talk/dream about going on vacation next year. Reseaching different places and resorts is a great way to pass time in the clinic, and a great motivator as well. This is the second summer we haven't been on vacation so we're planning, hopefully, to go someplace special for Spring break in April. Tom wants to go to Disney World. We're also considering Mexico or someplace in the Carribean. Whichever place we pick will be very satisfying. We can't leave town anytime soon though.

Today is a 6-7 hour day in the clinic. Blah!


Julian said...

Good to hear that Tom is spending more time at home and has a good appetite. Hopefully the weather will improve by the weekend. I love the rain, but love it even more when it's at night. :)

wiizii said...

Well, the appetite improvement sounds more like the Tom that could easily put away half a dozen hot dogs. I'm glad you guys are enjoying some easier times these days. You certainly deserve it. I'm heading up to Atlanta tomorrow and I hope to see you all!
Love ya,