Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Still in hospital

No change. Liver enzymes still elevated. Doctor will continue to observe for 48 more hours before deciding what to do next, i.e. switching to a different medication. Tom has declined the request of the doctor to take part in his clinical study (see day June 26 of the blog). It's a double-blind study so there's a chance that Tom could be given the placebo. He feels that it's a waste of time. It would require him to continue going to the clinic weekly for 50 more days following the end of his current 100-day, post-transplant recovery period, in order to receive the medicine being studied.

Asking a patient who currently lives in the hospital to do him a favor and participate in his study was very brave on the doctor's part. I'm surprised Tom didn't claw his eyes out.


Daniel said...

How about I double blind kick that doctors butt? ;) Hang in there Tom.


Tosha said...

Hang tough Tom. We're sending positive thoughts your way and hoping you are sprung by Independence Day! Hey - something to look forward to... the Tour de France starts Saturday. :=)


Julian said...

Thinking of you Tom. We've been catching up on the posts since we found this blog, but you've never been far from our thoughts since we last chatted. Stay strong!

Richard said...

One thing I learned from having chemo etc. for a year is that some doctors seem to prey upon the insurance money of those who are sick. In my case, I had several (at least 4) doctors who kept ordering all kinds of tests, taking lots of blood samples, making me hang out with gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists, cancer therapists, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, otolaryngologists,and hematologists. Although some of those people helped, after a while it became obvious that at least 4 of them "got a live one" and saw my insurance as something to go after. As a result, I haven't been able to have health insurance ever again, but I don't need it anyway. I got fed up and cut all those vultures off once I got well enough to defend myself, and I was right. I didn't need to come back every two weeks for the rest of my life and keep paying them thousands of dollars.
So, my advice once this is at a turning point for you folks is to realize (and I think it is obvious you already do) that the healthcare industry is certainly valuable and helpful to a point, but after that, they are a business and an "industry." I gave them some guinea pig time, but mostly they didn't gain from it and neither did I. I hope I didn't overdo this, just sayin'.

wiizii said...

Yeah, I wondered about that clinical trial business. Lisa, I always go and research most of the things you refer to in your postings. Naturally, I read up on the Cirius clinical trials and was disappointed to learn that if Tom did participate, it would be pure luck if he was given the actual medication and not the placebo. I can certainly understand the decision you guys have made. And, I'm hoping you guys get sprung from the joint soon....really soon!!
Love ya,

kevin said...

Tom, you are the man. Stay strong!