Monday, June 30, 2008

Liver biopsy

Tom is really emotionally stressed. He wants out of the hospital so bad (this is day 20) but the doctor keeps putting it off. His liver enzymes are elevated and they don't know why. They may have to do a liver biopsy.

Tom is very irritable. Katie and I are going to visit him and take him a chocolate milkshake. Maybe that will settle him down.


kevin said...

What a bummer!!! I bet you want out. Tom knows why the caged bird sings. We can bring milkshakes?!?! Awesome! I guess I didn't know we could visit!

Richard said...

Tom's liver enzymes are elevated because he isn't having enough milkshakes. Liver biopies can be painful, but I had one and it wasn't too bad. More like a shot with a long needle in a place that doesn't have so much feeling.
No wonder Tom is irritable. Too many healthcare people bothering him for a hundred different reasons day and night and none of them probably tell him in advance what they are about to do to him. Here, drink this.

wiizii said...

I'd be irritable too! I'm sure you've had enough of all that poking and prodding. Don't give up though! I'm sure you'll be home soon, Tom. Ted and I will be in town July 11th! Hope to see you then!
Love ya,

Chris - 9of 9 said...

Hey dude, sorry to see you're still caged. Hang tough bro!