Monday, June 16, 2008


Tom does NOT have GVHD!

The spinal fluid sample has just been collected and sent away to be examined - results will be back later this week.

The procedure that was done over the weekend to see if Tom's throat is constricted in any way, causing him to reject his food, showed nothing out of the ordinary. Tom will be put on a feeding tube later today.

Tom will begin physical therapy tomorrow so that he can begin to get out of bed and walk without assistance. Two nurses helped him get to a stationary bicycle this morning and he peddled for about five minutes which was great. I'm so proud of him.

He played backgammon with his sister yesterday. I asked him if he was able to stay awake for a whole round and he said, "Yeah, I won". Good sign.

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jadiec said...

That's good news, Lisa!! Here's to good news later in the week, too.