Saturday, June 14, 2008


Tom had an MRI (brain scan) today because the doctors are concerned about the amount of time he is sleeping. He is no longer on any medicine that would make a person drowsy yet he can barely stay awake five minutes. Then he starts talking and reaching for things again.

He also underwent a procedure today to examine his throat to make sure it's not constricted in any way. If so, that could be the reason his body is rejecting solid foods. He's still able to drink the Ensure drinks.

The test results came back from the colonoscopy and endoscopy that took place yesterday, which detected an intestinal virus call C. diff. This is something else that would require a patient to be put in isolation (he's currently in isolation b/c of the pneumonia).

We are still waiting to find out if he has HVGD. Those results won't be ready until Monday.

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