Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Tom no longer has pneumonia!

Still no word about the spinal fluid tests.

He's doing physical therapy in bed on his lower extremities (leg lifts, ankle circles, hamstring stretches, etc). He's supposed to walk a short distance twice per day but he hates being attached to the IV pole and puts it off. He has to walk with the physical therapists though when they visit each morning.

The doctor said Tom has something called chemobrain which is a common name for mild cognitive impairment:

Don't worry, it's a temporary condition. It's subtle, but you can sort of sense the "fog" in the last two videos I posted.


*Paul said...

Chemobrain makes me think of Joe Versus The Volcano. Drink plenty of Orange Crush and keep a steamer-trunk handy.

That's awesome news about the Pneumonia. It felt really good to see that news.

Chris - 9of 9 said...

Hey Tom!

Please know that I keep you, Lisa and Katie in my thoughts and prayers.

Love ya'll,