Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tom is home!

The doctors found gall stones from the ultrasound taken yesterday, but obviously it's nothing to be too concerned about because they released him this evening. Yay! He's glad to be home. I helped him upstairs to the bedroom, he drank a protein drink, turned on the tv, and fell asleep. He looks very peaceful.

We have to return to the hospital for the daily treatments beginning tomorrow at 7am - yuck! For at least 30 days (7 days per week) following his transplant he has to go to the bone marrow clinic (attached to the hospital) every day for 6-8 hours to have certain meds given to him through an IV - he's already spent the first 21 days in the hospital. So, after the first 30 days the daily visits will begin tapering off to 5 days, then 4 days, and on and on. It's a slow process that will take months.

Katie and I are glad to have him home.