Monday, May 26, 2008

Nothing new

Nothing has changed since yesterday. Today was day two of going to the BMT clinic from 7am - 1pm.
Don't worry if you don't see anything posted tomorrow because I'm not going to post another message until something changes. Don't worry though - I promise to inform you asap if something happens no matter how small.


ErinTheRedBaron said...

I am so glad that Tom is home (for the most part). It makes it more comfortable for everyone. I hope to get back to town soon. I will plan to spend some time hanging out and playing backgammon with Tom. Lisa, thank you for your wonderful labor of love. WE are in the homestretch. Love y'all.

wiizii said...

Did someone say backgammon? I'd like to show up for that! I'm glad Tom is home too. I guess that daily grind to the BMT place might get aggravating, but like you said Lisa, it's kind of like cubicle work, huh? Tom does get to read, watch tv, and enjoy other leisure items. That should help to pass the time. Lord only knows what he will invent on his own while just sitting there with idle hands!! Just kidding! Love you guys!

Chris - 9of 9 said...

Thanks for the updates Lisa!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.