Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Folks, this is strange but GREAT news. Tom may actually get to go home tomorrow! The donated stem cells have grafted to Tom's marrow. It's as if the process went from slow motion to high speed . When I walked into his room this morning I could not believe the difference from the way he looked when I left yesterday afternoon (by the way, no sitter needed as of yesterday). I'll let you know what the doctor decides to do.


Chris - 9of 9 said...


Look at that face, that smile!!

wiizii said...

Tom, you look mah-velous! That's awesome, wonderful news! I'm very happy to hear about this incredible change of events. Lisa, I know you and Tom are thrilled beyond words. I am so grateful for the wonders of modern medicine. And I thank the good Lord for the selfless act of the bone marrow donor. We love you guys. Hang in there!!
Elise & family

casey said...

I love the new picture. You look great! I am so happy everything is going better. It's wonderful to hear the good news. Thank God that prayers are answered. I will continue to pray for you and Aunt Lisa and Katie. I really enjoy keeping up with your recovery. Stay strong and keep getting better. Love, Casey