Thursday, January 15, 2009


Last night Tom and I had a BIG laugh while out shopping at an art supply store. After walking around a bit and loading up a bunch of "toys" for Tom, we walked to the front of the store to check out. I was holding a bunch of merchandise in my arms, and Tom was steadying himself with one hand on his cane and the other on a table. Next thing I know, I hear Tom say "Oh no". I turned to see his pants around his ankles on the floor! I was trying to put the items down and at the same time, hide him from a mother and her young daughter who happened to enter the store at that moment. Tom is not able to bend over, so he couldn't pull his pants up by himself. The cashier looked at us not quite knowing what to do (I don't think he'd ever been trained for that). Finally, we got the pants up and checked out. He couldn't keep them up without holding on to them. So, we walked out the door - me with the big bag on one arm and Tom on the other, and Tom holding his cane and hooking his other arm around mine, holding his pants up by his belt loop. What a sight to see!

Wow! Katie was not with us. She would have been so embarassed!


Anonymous said...

Keeping with the theme of the evening, I hope y'all were at Dick Blick Art Supplies.

tee hee, giggle.....

wiizii said...

I love the anonymous comment. I just burst into laughter. You did not mention whether Tom was in "commando" mode and I assume he wasn't or things would have been really out of hand! LOL! Thanks for sharing.
Love ya,

Katha said...

You hit the nail on the head (so to speak), Anonymous. Lisa told me this afternoon that they were indeed at Blick Art Materials, which was formerly known as Dick Blick. And how appropriate . . .

Katie was with us at a Relay for Life Kick-Off last night, and told me today that she was VERY glad she was with us instead of her parents. I, however, REALLY wish I'd been art supply shopping!


Anonymous said...

Anon here again

It's not about me, but about Tom.

I'm sure Tom might have been somewhat embarassed, but he should not have been. Lord knows he never had a problem in the past erecting the flag pole for all to see at 1208.

enough said, I'm being kinda crude and I was not raised that way.

however, I can only imagine what the clerk was thinking...Code red!!! we've got a live one!!
Dim the lights, drop the disco ball and bow, chicka wow, wow!

Lisa was making her way through the foam party to get to the Jager bar.

Troop 22 said...

Oh what fun! I am enjoying the tone of this blog & comments the most so far. Glad it happened to you, Lisa. I will be on the look out tomorrow when Tom and I paint the town red. I can handle anything especially if it encourages laughter!

Love, giggle, snort, erin

Anonymous said...

I have a practical suggestion: see if you can find some suspenders for Tom to wear when he goes places. Then he doesn't have to worry!

Richard said...

We hope whatever adventures you all are going through, they are good news!