Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello from Tom


Daniel said...

Good to hear your voice man. Glad to see you continue to be on the mend. But in that entire food discussion, not one mention of waffles. Come on man, it's ALWAYS . . ALL about the waffles. Stay well. Daniel

Mike Smith said...

Well since Dan surfaced from the depths of Utah I will part a few words as well...
Tom I agree with Dan - you always talked of waffles before, during and after our bike rides. So get up off the couch and fix a mess of those lovely, warm, delicious, syrupy, golden, belly filling, delightful waffles.
I miss you tons while out on the road/trail turning the pedals. I admire your courage and perserverance and never stop moving forward... we will ride again! Mike

Richard said...

Ah, it's good to hear that your apetite is returning - that's a great sign! One of the interesting and often painful lessons of life has to do with losing things and then regaining them. We take air conditioning for granted until it stops working. When the Internet goes down, Norma and I don't know what to do with ourselves for a while until we decide to do something more worth while - and then rediscover that living has very little to do with the Internet.
I think we all took you for granted, Tom, until you turned reality upside down for all of us.
Please get well soon. It looks like you are working on it and getting stronger! This is very encouraging! Thanks for the video and the blog, Lisa. You are doing a great job with this. Quite the multi-tasker!

wiizii said...

Looking good Tom! Day 65; it's all a downhill coast now. You're over the hump! Woo! Hoo! We just need to fatten you up now. Since Mississippi is ranked one of the fattest states in the country and NOLA only an hour away, I should send you some regional favorites. That ought to help you gain some weight. Look for a care package coming your way soon! Keep on keepin' on!
Love ya,