Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Urinary virus

Something new - are you surprised? Tom can't go home yet because he's under observation for a urinary virus. Tom began having spasms in his bladder yesterday afternoon. He says they are severe cramps which initially make it difficult for him to urinate, and then make it painful when he is finally able. The doctor said he's heard of bladder spasms being a side affect from bone marrow transplants.

He wouldn't have been able to go home today anyway because the doctor said he can't leave until he is more stable on his feet. He said tomorrow at the earliest, Monday at the latest.


Richard said...

Unfortunately, setbacks are the rule rather than the exception once a person's health is compromised. I'm sure Tom and you can't wait until he gets out of there . . . but maybe it would be better to keep him a little longer on the idea that if he gets strong enough he can stay home and be an outpatiend instead of having to continue the traumatic cycle of being hospitalized, then home, then hospital, then home.
Maybe Tom can watch a little YouTube? Here's a great harmonica player who has been with the Steve Miller Band for the past 32 years, Norton Buffalo . . . (or can Tom not watch YouTube?)

wiizii said...

Well, guys, don't be discouraged. I know you are ready to bust outta the hospital and be home but Richard is right. Perhaps the virus delaying the departure will serve Tom well in that he will be able to get stronger and steadier. Outpatient is definitely better and it will come all in due time. Hang in there guys. Love you all!!