Friday, June 27, 2008

Marathon man

Here is Tom walking in the hall. I push the IV station and walk close behind him, ready to stabilize him. He has to put on the robe, the mask, gloves, and booties when he leaves the room because he's contagious to the other patients. I, on the other hand, don't have to wear my gear. I have to take it all off so I don't carry germs out of the room.
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wiizii said...

Go Tom go! Looks like you're making great progress. Keep on truckin'.
Love ya,

Richard said...

Ask Tom if he would like to play Pocket Tanks . . .
If so, he should go to
Way below his league, but then, no concentration required.
You're looking pretty good Tom!

Richard said...

eThis is a great photo, Lisa. Tom, you look pretty scary. I think you would make a good bank robber in that get-up. You should have this picture blown up to life size. Pretty awesome encounter with an extraterrestial being. Wow!

Chris - 9of 9 said...

Looking good guys, keep your chins up.