Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First blog

Tom showed me how to create this blog for us all so that we can share info. No need to listen to my cell phone recording or read my emails. I will email though if you prefer.
Tom named this blog A Voice from Up High because he said, "I've been down and all of the support I get from you Lisa, is like a voice from above." He wanted me to tell you that.
What a sweet man I have!


Katha said...

Glad we'll be able to check up on Tom without your having to take so many calls. Please know that John and the girls and I are here to help in any way. The girls were thrilled that Katie came home with them today - but I must warn you that they're outside making mudpies again!

Keep fighting the good fight, Tom. We're cheering you on more than you know!


wiizii said...

I've been keeping up with all the news via Chris, but this blog is cool. I'm glad Tom is recovering with nothing out of the ordinary prolonging the process. Lisa, I'm very happy to know that my brother Tom has such a strong life partner who steadfastly supports him. I feel sure Tom will be trail riding in the near future. He's a brave soul and I'm very proud of the way he's fought this battle. I'm proud of all of you. I love you all. Tom, hang tough, buddy! We're keeping you in our thoughts & prayers.
Love your big sis Elise and
Ted, Nolan (Sara) , & Hannah
(You'll have a new niece soon!)

debbie dz said...

Everything Tom is going thru sounds normal for what they have done to him medically. It will get better. Have there been any white blood cells show up yet? It took Wayne about 10 days to start making them. Just be there for him like you are doing. How is Katie? We think about the three of you everyday.